Your pet is an important part of your family, and when he or she is ill, you want the best medical care available.

The veterinarians and staff at our clinic are ready to provide your pet with cutting edge veterinary medical care. From wellness exams and vaccines to advanced diagnostics and complex surgical procedures, your pet will receive high quality care at our hospital.

Preventative Medicine

The annual exam is an important tool for the prevention and early detection of illness. It also provides a reference point to measure ongoing development, administer vaccinations on schedule, as well as opportunities to screen for illness, parasites, and other potential problems. The annual exam also presents an ideal opportunity to discuss canine and feline nutrition, behavior, and health so that you’re armed with the most up-to-date information available.

Geriatric Medicine

Just as with humans, senior animals develop a changing set of concerns that merit regular care, attention, and monitoring. The key to longevity and quality of life for seniors is to make sure that age-related issues are addressed before they become advanced.


Since animals don’t typically brush and floss three times a day, a thorough annual dental exam and cleaning are essential in warding off potential tooth loss, gum disease, and serious infection that could jeopardize an animal’s overall health. Without the watchful eye of a veterinary professional, a minor problem could easily go unnoticed until it has spiraled out of control quickly, painfully, and unnecessarily.

Surgical Procedures

Valwood Animal Hospital is well-appointed to perform routine surgical procedures, including spay and neuter surgeries. Extensive procedures may require a referral to a specialist.

In-House-Lab and Radiology

The in-house lab and radiology capabilities at Valwood Animal Hospital mean faster results, prompt treatment, and ultimately, a quicker recovery.


In most cases, when medications are needed, we’ll have them on hand in our in-house pharmacy.

Nutritional Guidance

Animals often have issues that are directly related to diet, but pet food choices can be very confusing. We can guide you through the many questions and conflicting answers that so many people encounter when trying to research the best nutrition options for their pets. We also stock a variety of prescription diets and treats.


Routine and therapeutic bathing services are available.


We are such a busy, mobile society, it’s not terribly unusual for a lost pet to hitch a ride with a kind stranger and end up halfway across town — or even across the state line. Micro-chipping is an inexpensive, relatively painless way to ensure that your pet always has a path back home to you.

Emergency Care

Please call our main telephone number, 972.241.2311, for instructions for after-hour emergencies.


We provide pet boarding as a service to our clients. All boarders receive special attention from our caring staff. Your furbaby will enjoy two outside playtimes in our spacious backyard, and group playtime is available upon request. We will also send you email updates with a photo of your pet or video of their playtime. You can have peace of mind that your pet is well taken care of by a professional veterinary team in a caring environment while you are away.

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